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The UK recruitment industry is worth £24bn, so we can’t all be bad can we?

But, if you ask many businesses what they think of recruiters or more specifically why they don’t use recruiters to help them find new staff a lot will say ‘We had a bad experience before..’.

Because they had a bad experience before, whatever that experience might have been, they won’t enlist the help of a professional recruiter.

I’m not going to get in to what they’re missing out on by not partnering with a recruitment agency, that’s for another discussion. What I am suggesting is that there is little logic to the reasoning.

Imagine this, you go to a café for a coffee. You sit down, start drinking your coffee and its Tea(!), there is valid reason for you to go back and ask for it to be replaced. Now, the barista either replaces but begrudgingly or refuses to help at all. Either way you’re not having a great experience at this place. Do you blame the coffee? I very much doubt it. Do you blame all the cafés on your high street? Again, that would be unfair so I’d doubt it. Do you blame that chain or particular café? Yes, probably. They hired and trained the barista and it may be their policy. Do you blame the individual barista? Yes, most certainly! You rightly feel that your request for a replacement was reasonable and he or she should have had no problem in replacing it and should even have apologised. It’s just good manners and good customer service.

Research tells us that you’ll likely tell at least ten people about your negative experience at the café.

You might even decide not to go to that café again. But here’s the thing, if someone said to you ‘Do you drink coffee?’ I’m confident that there is no way your answer would be,

‘No, I had bad service the last time I bought a coffee so I don’t drink it anymore.’

Or if they asked, ‘do you go to café’s?’ – You wouldn’t say ‘No, I had bad service the last time I went to a café so although I still drink coffee I don’t go to café’s anymore.’

As I say, you might not use the same café where you had the bad experience but you’d still go to other café’s wouldn’t you? You still drink coffee and you know that bad service in one place does not mean you’ll get the same bad service elsewhere.

Ok, whilst I appreciate the analogy is tenuous I maintain it’s a valid point. Imagine the same scenario with anything that as a business you outsource. The design of your website, or the printing of your business cards, or the supply of your phone line. Anything. Most industries have examples of customers getting bad service but rarely do I hear of people saying ‘I don’t have a website anymore because I had a bad experience with the last company I employed to design one.’ Or ‘I don’t use business cards anymore because the printers I used let me down.’

So why is it the case for recruitment? Because of one experience the whole industry gets blamed not just the company and recruiter who let you down.

I want to be clear, I’m not saying that the industry is faultless but as pointed out earlier the UK recruitment industry is worth £24bn, if we were all like the recruiter who soured your taste of recruitment there is no way businesses would spend all that money! – So, give another recruiter a chance and benefit from having someone else do the leg work or recruitment for you!

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