For employers with low staff turnover who are looking for a fast hire and want to keep overall costs low and/or have a set budget.

With The Upfront One, you’ll get the same great service from us but instead of paying a fee based on a percentage of the starting salary, you pay a set fee upfront which doesn’t change, leaving you better placed to budget for your recruitment.

We’ll still search for and filter out the candidates for you and create a shortlist of the best available people.  We’ll handle all of the communication and setting up of the interviews leaving you free to concentrate on your main responsibilities, but unlike with ‘The Traditional One’, once you decide to make an offer to a candidate we’ll put you in direct contact and leave you to handle the negotiations, arrange start date and discuss references.

The fee is worked out based on the following criteria;

Salary Range Fee
Up to £20,000 £750
£20,001 to £35,000 £1000
Greater than £35,000 £2000


If you have a range in mind that overlaps , for example £18,000 – £22,000 then we will charge based on the higher of the expected salary, £1000.  However, if once you have an offer accepted which falls in the lower bracket simply cc us into the offer letter you send the candidate confirming the salary and we will discount the difference off of your next invoice.

Whilst there is no rebate with The Upfront One, we will refund 100% of the fee if within 30 days there are no candidates you want to interview from those we’ve presented to you.

To discuss any vacancies you want us to get to work on right away, call 01892 517499 or email

To review the other options click, ‘The Traditional One‘ or ‘The Subscription One