We think this is the most cost effective option.  You subscribe to our service and spread the cost over 12 months allowing you to call on us to help with all of your recruitment for the year for one monthly price.

If you’re expecting to hire more than once then this is definitely the option to go for.

As with The Up Front One, we’ll help you resource the best candidates to interview and then once you decide to make an offer we’ll put you in direct contact with the candidate to discuss the salary, references and start date.

The table below details the monthly fees and the number of vacancies we can work on at one time.

Cost Per Month Concurrent Vacancies Vacancy Limit (12 months)
£150 1 2
£200 2 N/A
£300 4 N/A

The monthly fees are payable in advance.

For example, you subscribe to Tier 1 paying £150 per month and have 2 vacancies.  We would work on one at a time.  Once the first job is filled we will then begin recruiting for the 2nd one.  If you’re subscribed to Tier 2, we’ll work on both at the same time.  With Tier 2 & 3, you are not limited to the number of total vacancies during the subscription term – 12 months.  So if you end up recruiting 10 people, we’ll help you with all 10 vacancies.

To get started, call 01892 517499 or email info@grosvenorresourcing.com

To review the other options, click ‘The Traditional One‘ or ‘The Up Front One‘.