We believe the key to any successful business is recruiting and employing the right people for your job vacancies. Take a look at how we can help you attract and recruit the very best talent in the market.

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What should we tell you about Grosvenor Resourcing?

Well, first a little history.  Before starting in Recruitment Ian Holmes had many different jobs including some in catering, flooring, IT, Sales and Customer Service so he had a good breadth of experience going in to the industry.  When Ian started as a Junior in Recruitment it is fair to say that the industry was more about numbers than good customer service and the more candidates you had on interview the more jobs you filled and the more successful you were as a recruiter in terms of ‘sales’.  Whilst some may not think anything has changed, it certainly has as far as Grosvenor Resourcing is concerned.  You see Ian will admit he is not the best sales person around but he has always been concerned with giving good customer service.  That is what Grosvenor Resourcing is all about, providing a quality service to our clients.

We don’t just want to fill your vacancies we want to help you recruit the very best talent.  The kind of people who will help your business to grow!

With each and every vacancy we work on we try and adhere to the following values and principles;

Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Equality and Diligence



These are the key values we believe in at Grosvenor Resourcing.  It is by maintaining working practices which reflect these values and the key principles they represent that we believe we can provide both employers and candidates a recruitment service they can rely on.

You can read what previous clients and candidates have to say about us here – please note that these testimonies are all from clients and/or candidates who have worked with Ian, though they do not necessarily refer to vacancies he worked on since founding Grosvenor Resourcing.